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Redwood Performance Institute has a track record of helping companies in achieving rapid and substantial organizational transformation. Our services leverage your abilities and reduce the headache and frustration associated with achieving significant and lasting organizational change.

Achieving substantial improvements in organizational performance can be amazingly simple when you have precise measures to know what to focus on and utilize an approach properly designed to achieve those changes. The transformational strategies utilized by RPI focus on achieving change through projects that drive real performance improvement.

For over 20 years, Redwood Performance Institute has provided exceptional organizational development services to senior executives around the world. We teach organizations how to get better faster by leveraging a transformational framework that allows you to create and manage change innovation through to execution.

Best of all, we show you how to do this without layering additional overhead and stress on top of your organization. It’s a unique approach that is allowing organizations to build sustainable performance advantage in the real world.

We teach through frameworks and a processes through which you are able to develop your own employees to provide the leadership and expertise needed to drive successful organizational change. Best of all, our approach enables you to innovate and execute change much more rapidly that is typically possible in most organizations.

As a result, you are left with improved, lasting leadership and employees with a clear stake in the company’s future that leads to sustainable performance advantage.

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Five Elements of
Transformation Success


We help identify ways to simplify the complexity of transformation and work with all levels of an organization to embrace change and realize profitable growth.


Achieving enterprise wide transformation is a process, and together we will map a route from start to finish and identify the objectives of each step.


Action requires prioritization to generate rapid results. We collaborate to identify the targets that will result in long-term and sustainable improvement.


Guidance to sustain momentum and direction through a sound performance management system, while establishing repeatable processes that deliver certainty of outcomes.


Create customer value through an accelerated, waste-free integrated performance model. Respond swiftly and flexibly to changes in the business environment, market demand and customer preferences.

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Our Clients

Our Leaders

Rick Timlick CEO & Managing director

Crisis and Turnaround
Performance Improvement
Executive Coaching and Advising
Organizational Culture

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Roger Thompson Senior Transformation Architect

Interim Management
Business/Operational MGMT
Supply Chain MGMT
Program/Project MGMT
International Leadership

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Eileen Hofs Senior Transformation Architect

Lean Coaching
Project MGMT
Process Improvement
Operations MGMT Systems
Financial/Business Analysis

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John Smith Director of Leadership and Executive Development

Leadership Alignment
Strategy Execution
Strategic Development
Personal Productivity
Culture Shift Coaching
Transformation MGMT

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Jorge Dos Santos Transformation Architect

Strategic Planning
Engineering/ Product DEV
Project MGMT
Supply Chain
Transformation MGMT

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Carolin Latimer Program Manager

Learning and Development
Cultural Expert

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